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Cutting-Edge Ink Extraction Technique - Safest Non-Invasive Pigment Removal 

Magnetic Tattoo Remoov 88

Using a specialized magnetic instrument cartridge and an FDA-regulated, hypoallergenic, organic cosmetic molecular tattoo removal solution, tattoo pigment is EXTRACTED from the skin using a patented tattoo removal process. The active components in the solution help promote quicker skin regeneration. 


In this technique magnetic needles are used to draw out the tattoo pigment closer to the surface, visible results are noticed within the 1st session. 

Get rid of any Cosmetic Tattoo: Permanent Makeup/Microblading, tattooed eyebrows, tattooed lips, etc. Or Artistic Tattoo from any part of your body. 

Less expensive and less treatments than Laser and other tattoo removal methods!


  • Non Invasive

  • No chemicals

  • Minimal pain (From constant rubbing)

  • No numbing required

  • No Scars

  • Non  surgical

  • No laser

  • No Saline solution

  • No carcinogenic ingredients

  • No bleaching

  • No Acids

  • No Loss of Hair

  • No hyper or hypo pigmentation risk

  • No collagen induction 

  • Simple use, quick and safe 


Q- How many sessions will it require?

A- The number of sessions required will be determined by the age of your tattoo, its size, the condition of your skin, the depth of the pigment, and other factors. There is NO tattoo removal procedure that can predict how many sessions will be required, but it is the only one in which some clients have a significant visible reduction from session one with minimal discomfort, burning, or blistering. 

Q- Will it hurt?

A-Rubbing the Magnetic Digital Tool against your skin may cause mild discomfort.  The epidermis (initial layer of skin) will cure the redness caused by the rubbing in just a few days. It will not hurt as much as getting a tattoo or the discomfort associated with laser tattoo removal. 

Key points that make this technique an excellent choice for tattoo pigment removal:

Magnetic Tattoo Removal is a non-laser way of extracting tattoo pigments with non-invasive magnetic needles. The procedure removes pigment from the skin by penetrating it superficially. Multiple sessions may be required. This treatment does not require numbing and does not leave any scars. The procedure does not involve acids, saline, or high-alkaline techniques.

During the initial consultation, your tattoo and skin will be evaluated to select the best technique; also the number of sessions will be estimated. 

Number of Sessions are estimated based on: 

  • Tattoo age

  • Tattoo size

  • The pigment quality

  • The pigment quantity

  • Deepness of the ink in the skin

  • Your skin phenotype and thickness

  • Number of sessions of PMU/Microblading done and the quantity of titanium used to cover the old tattoo


Each session is between 3 - 4 weeks apart: 
$350.00 First Session
$250.00 Additional Sessions 

(additional sessions are required for optimal results, some clients tattoos require 1 - 4 sessions while others may require 6 or more) 

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