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  • Follow the Skin Prep/Pre-Care prior to each session

  • Book your appointment at least 2 weeks before any important event to allow time for healing

  • Be sure that you have reviewed the health conditions and contraindications above prior to your sessions

  • No alcohol 24 hours before your procedure

  • No coffee or energy drinks on the day of your procedure

  • Do not come to your appointment with a sunburn or extreme suntan and do not wear makeup

  • 4 weeks before your appointment, please stop any electrolysis, laser treatments, chemical peels, Botox, fillers, or any other injections

  • 4 weeks before your appointment you must discontinue use of harsh anti-aging products retinoids, niacinamides, vitamin A, C, E, fish oil, etc. or brow growth serums 24 hours before your appointment, please be sure to avoid the following as they can increase your risk of bleeding: Blood Thinners (doctor approval), Coffee, Caffeine, Alcohol, Ibuprofen or Aspirin (Tylenol is fine)

  • LIPS ONLY: You will want to take an over-the-counter medication to prevent herpes/cold sores for 2 days before, the day of, and 2 days after. Even if you have never had them, the procedure can cause them to emerge, so I ask you to take the necessary cautions.


If you had the following treatments the tattoo removal procedure can be performed:

  • 8-12 weeks after laser removal until the epidermis is totally healed

  • 8 weeks after a chemical peel

  • 4- 6 weeks after microneedling

New permanent makeup can be performed after total skin recovery:

  • 2-3 months after last removal session for eyebrows

  • 1-2 months after last removal session for lips / other Permanent Make-up


Please follow the aftercare instructions for 10-14 days for optimum results:


  • Post appointment, press and blot any lymph from your brows or lips with a clean tissue to ensure optimal results

  • You will feel some itching and will have light scabbing while healing

  • The skin will heal within 2 weeks and the redness you may see is not scarring. That it is due to the orange/pink/red/brown pigments from previous treatments/ from previous scarring/ or blood clots from previous damage that have come to the surface

  • When you get home, wash the area with warm water, by using a gentle, perfume free mild cleanser (recommend Cetaphil) and water with freshly washed hands morning and night (2 times per day).

  • You may use a gentle, perfume free mild soap if you wish (recommend Cetaphil). No scrubbing, rinse thoroughly and pat dry with clean tissue

  • Apply your a thin layer of the Aftercare ointment 2 - 3 times per day with clean fingertip or cotton swab for 7 - 10 days to keep the area moist (it helps in soothing the skin, reducing inflammation, and supporting the healing process)

       *If you have scarring from prior work and/or removal methods, you will also need to apply

       Bacitracin twice per day for 5 days. That can be purchased over the counter at any drugstore

  • You may shower, workout, etc. but be sure to keep the areas clean and apply the Aftercare ointment as required

  • Avoid sunscreen on the treated area for at least one week after the treatment

  • No swimming, sauna, or spa for 7 days after the treatment

  • Avoid sun exposure or tanning for 2 weeks after the treatment

  • No makeup, lotion, harsh face cleansers, serums, hairspray, shampoo, lipstick, etc. can touch them for 2 weeks

  • No picking at scabs or touching the brows/lips/Permanent Make-up unless with clean hands to apply the Aftercare ointment

  • FOR LIPS: , in addition to the above:

  • If you are a smoker and cannot refrain, please apply a thin layer of Aftercare ointment on your lips prior to smoking

  • Refrain from iron rich foods and alcohol which can cause inflammation and lead to longer heal time

  • Try drinking through a straw if possible (hold straw with teeth)

  • Be sure to take the cold sore medication 2 days before each session, the day of each session and for 2 days following each session.

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