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Lip Micropigmentation

Lip Micropigmentation is a technique of permanent make-up that utilizes an ultra-thin needle to implant pigment into the top layer of the lip skin to enhance lip colour, help thin or misshaped lips look more defined or simply help give dark patchy lip or highly pigmented lips a more even skin tone. Micropigmentation is a smudge-free, long-lasting treatment and helps restore confidence and self-esteem by enhancing the lip shape and colour. This procedure is suitable for both women and men. 

Precautionary Measure:

* If the client has EVER had cold sores, lip tattooing CAN cause outbreaks, which will result in pigment loss. Clients MUST take their prescribed anti-viral medication (Valtrex) 5 - 7 days prior and 5 - 7 days post procedure to prevent an outbreak.

*If the client receives regular Botox or Fillers to their lips: they must have received it AT LEAST

4 weeks prior to the lip blush appointment.

The procedure takes about 2 – 3 hours based on the extent of work required and then depending on the client’s skin type and aftercare, yearly touch-up's are recommended to freshen up the look. 

An anesthetic is applied to the lips to numb the area during the procedure. A secondary numbing is applied to keep the client comfortable throughout the entire process. Healing takes around

5 – 12 days, during which the lips will first appear dark, then fade to a light shade as it heals through the days and once the lips have gone to the stages of healing the true chosen lip colour will show. 

Lip Micropigmentation is mainly a 2-stage process. A touch-up is included and scheduled 6 weeks after the initial treatment to give the lips a fresh look. During touch-up, the technician will enhance the lip colour by working on the areas that need additional pigment. 

Soft Nude Lip Blush is a microshading technique that uses nude pink colours to create density, it is great for clients who want that soft natural look. This technique is recommended for clients with overall lighter skin tones (with pink undertones in their skin).

Lipstick Shade Micropigmentation is a technique that uses a mix of different lipstick tone pigments to create a pigment colour closest to the clients chosen lipstick shade. This technique give an appearance as thought the client is wearing lipstick. 

Dark Lip Neutralization is considered a pre-technique to Lipstick Shade Micropigmentation. This process utilizes colour theory to help balance out the lip colour to a more natural lip colour (by reducing patches of dark pigmentation on the lips). Dark lip neutralization can take  2 sessions to achieve the desired results. 

Who is considered a good candidate for Lip Micropigmentation?

  • People who wish to enhance the appearance of their lips

  • People who are allergic to traditional cosmetics or make-up

  • People who want to cover mismatched lip colour/scars/dark lips                                                                    

         or want a permanent smudge-proof lip colour

  • People who like to display a 'no make-up', beautiful put together look always


Soft Nude Lip Blush                                     $500 (2  1/2 hours)

Lipstick Shade Micropigmentation             $550 (2  1/2 hours) 

Dark Lip Neutralization                                $600 (2 1/2 - 3 hours) 

(Lip neutralization could take 2 sessions

to achieve desired results) 

1st touch-up is complimentary (appointment would need to be booked 6 weeks after initial procedure)

Colour Boost: 

After 3 - 6 months                      $200

After 7-11 months                      $250

Between 12 - 24 months            $300

Image by Tony Litvyak
Permanent makeup
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